logic lofts

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The branch of philosophy that deals with the theory of deductive and inductive arguments and aims to distinguish good from bad reasoning.
Mick holding his No 1 Stock Cock CK1

Mick holding his No 1 Stock Cock CK1

I consider myself to be a modest and logically minded pigeon fancier applying logic to the husbandry of racing pigeons. Unless a thing makes perfect logical sense I do not employ it. I do not use any unfounded theories to assess pigeons. Quality looks like quality. Well balanced, bright intelligent eyes, silky feathering, easy in the hand and lots of character. These are all the qualities displayed in my stock.

I do not advocate or recommend any commercial products. I feed a basic mix to which I add up to 25% layers pellets. This feeding system complemented with freshly chopped vegetables once a week offers complete nutrition for my stock and peace of mind for myself. It is ’I believe’ pure logic.

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