According to the BBC report, 32 World Cup in England this summer, has announced the first expedition to Brazil jersey number. Not surprisingly, captain Steven Gerrard is still carried his national team jersey No. 4, No. 10, Wayne Rooney is also wearing a symbol of the core. It is worth mentioning that Beckham's No. 7 jersey and is now passed on to the Arsenal midfielder Wilshere.

previous World Cup, in addition to the various national teams 23-man squad, was undoubtedly the most interesting jersey number attribution. Brazil's World Cup this summer, England announced the first jersey number assigned. In several key positions, there is no suspense captain Steven Gerrard took part of his jersey No. 4. In addition, the 1st buy cheap jerseys china goalkeeper jersey vest is Joe - Hart, deputy team Lampard is on the 8th, Rooney still wearing the same No. 10 and Manchester United. Forward position, No. 9 jersey handed Liverpool striker striker Sturridge, 11 were Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck scored.

concern is that once belonged to David Beckham's No. 7 jersey this time it was a classic Arsenal midfielder Wilshere harvest. The last World Cup, England on the 7th Lennon likeness sleepwalking in South buy authentic jerseys cheap Africa, this time he did not selected for the squad.

current England team is training in Portugal, next Friday, they will be a warm-up at Wembley and Peru, then the players will be wearing a new shirt Three Lions debut. World Cup, England and Italy, Uruguay, Costa Rica, points in a recognized group of death, hoping to give them a new shirt brought good luck.

Nike (Nike Store) (Nike store) officially announced the Brazilian national team 2014 World Cup Third Jersey today, this is the Brazilian national team for the first time to have a complete Third Jersey, New Jersey praised Brazil this dynamic and diverse country, manifested from the natural landscape to its vibrant culture.

new Third Jersey used the dark green, almost black even evokes nightlife lush natural landscape of this country and the city, to bring out the dark tones in the national team badge and Nike logo bright yellow.

similar to the Brazilian national team home jersey, Nike and designer Bruno Big Brazilian cooperation in the nape of the inside of each shirt designed a unique national symbol, the buy cheap jerseys online illustration shows an equivalent in Brazil, 'fingers crossed' gesture This is a traditional think it will bring good luck superstitions.

shorts are designed in Brazil to another popular sport - surfing - Tribute shorts slightly longer than traditional soccer shorts, imitating the style surf beach shorts, blue, green and yellow stripes from the Brazilian flag. Socks are dark green color the whole.

in the game process effectively regulate body temperature to improve court performance players, is the focus of Nike design team. Use of Nike Dri-FIT technology, 'burning' a combination of mesh ventilation and laser cutting technology, Nike designers were able to achieve the effect of dry athletes need it most.

Nike's Dri-FIT technology moisture can be absorbed moisture from the skin to the outer shirt and quickly evaporate. Heat is easily generated in the key parts, and has a mesh aperture of laser cutting area is designed to increase and facilitate the flow of air permeability of the buy cheap jerseys from china skin surface.

only to let the players stay dry outside, Nike designers through the integrated buy cheap jerseys use of cotton and recycled polyester, Nike designers have created a new double-knit fabric, this fabric has good wicking performance, feel soft, and very body sculpting.

uphold excellence in sports performance and environmental protection both purposes, new jersey, shorts and even socks, are extracted from the use of recycled plastic bottles recycled polyester, which is equipped with the first team to use this innovative technology in socks (shorts Material 100% Retrieved from recycled polyester, 96% of jersey material taken from recycled polyester, recycled polyester material proportion of socks is 78%).

Each jersey

average of 18 recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has recycled nearly 2 billion recovered from landfill waste plastic bottles, enough to cover more than 2800 standard football field.

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Mick holding his No 1 Stock Cock CK1

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